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USD 5 / mo

Billed annually

The easy to use mobile solution for video performance analysis.
  • Personal Workspace
  • Mobile app
USD 40 / mo

Billed annually

Get straight to the point. Grab what you need from longer videos.
  • Personal Workspace
  • Mobile app
  • Dartfish 360 S
USD 74 / mo

Billed annually

The complete solution for video performance analysis (resulting from our professional solution).
  • Personal Workspace
  • Mobile app
  • Dartfish Live S

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

myDartfish Solutions are video analysis computer tools.

Each solution includes:

  • Desktop/laptop software (except for myDartfish Mobile)
  • Mobile applications for myDartfish Express and myDartfish Note
  • Cloud services

Office software falls into two categories:

  • Three S plans for tactical analysis: myDartfish 360 S, myDartfish Live S, and myDartfish Pro S
  • myDartfish 360 and myDartfish Pro plans for motion analysis

myDartfish Smart Cloud:

All plans include a personal cloud called Smart Cloud, used to share, synchronize, and archive video and analysis.

Dartfish's roots are in sport and that's reflected in much of the information and resources we provide. Now however, our diverse span of clients, benefit from multiple ways to use video for analysis, rehabilitation, communication, training or instruction. Dartfish software, apps, and prove extremely effective for anyone who chooses to develop online video archives or for someone who chooses to coach remotely.


The wider medical field has merged sports medicine with application beyond movement analysis and rehab. Dartfish tools are now used to train and review the performance of nurses and surgeons.

Industry and Business:

  • Industrial processes, proper use of machinery, and safety protocols are assessed, along with training tutorials, created and shared using Dartfish.
  • The fields of behavioral and psychological analyses, utilize Dartfish technology to evaluate behavior and performance in multiple ways, in clinical settings and in research.
  • Financial institutions use Dartfish to assess the abilities of their advisors.
  • Businesses appraise interviews, in-house communication, and their sales process. In education, professors and administrators evaluate teacher performance.

Yes! Dartfish offers a 15 day free trial to new Dartfish customers. If you choose to continue enjoying Dartfish, after your trial period ends, you'll be automatically charged for your Dartfish use for one yearly fee. You will not be charged for the 15 day free trial period.

Yes! If, during this trial period, you decide that myDartfish is not for you, you can cancel your subscription by switching off auto-renew as described in this support page.

A payment method is required to start the 15 day free trial. You can use a valid credit card or use your PayPal account if you have one. You can cancel at any time, if you decide myDartfish isn’t the tool you need to help you grow your business or career.

Contracts last 1 year and are automatically renewed if your Automatic Renewal is not turned OFF. Plans can be changed in Account Settings (Please read our tutorial)

Note :
During the Trial Period of 15 days, you can choose to upgrade or downgrade your Dartfish plan. The end date of your trial period stays the same.


Dartfish software uses an extremely wide range of video formats and therefore can use the video produced by most camcorders and a range of other video sources too. It can import video files directly from camcorders, rename them and 'stitch' split files into one video as it does so. We have produced a list of devices we recommend for live streaming.

Among other valuable information you can discover that:

  • IP cameras can be used to set up a network of fixed cameras
  • High quality webcams can be a cost-effective solution
  • Integrated video converters can be used to create a live video stream from a camcorder.

Analyzing video, especially HD video, requires a powerful computer. So, we recommend computer specifications which will be sure to do everything you need it to, so you'll be future-proofed for the lifetime of the computer. That said, if you will be using Dartfish for less resource-hungry analysis tasks, a lower spec may work adequately.

See our system requirements document for our minimum and recommended specifications.

The Dartfish support

Technical support is provided by in-house Dartfish experts from our HQ in Fribourg, Switzerland and also by Dartfish USA, Dartfish Korea and Dartfish Japan. We also have a dedicated customer care website offering access to your software, technical support and comprehensive tutorials.
Learn more about how we support you :

Tutorials and training

You could find some tutorials or use cases on our blog ( and our Youtube channel
Learn more about how we support you :